How We Work

Each client is paired with a dedicated account representative. They will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of your campaigns from the planing to the execution. They will make sure that you have constant feedback on your campaigns and report results directly to every client.

Strategic Brand Pairings

With an extensive network of brands we make sure to figure out the right content to promote to your following, so that you not only monetize your interactions, but also so that you grow your following while doing so. We pair each client with brands that are ready to invest in long-term growth and sustainability.

Content Creation

We specialize in creating high quality content that drives positive user engagement. By creating a positive experience for your followers your campaigns will achieve viral growth, not only driving more revenue, but also growing your following at the same time.

Intelligent Marketing

Our team of engineers, has developed SIREN, our proprietary algorithm to pre-determine successful campaigns. By analyzing how your ideal prospects prefer to interact across various social networks and matching this data against consumer data we are able to consistently create highly engaging and effective digital campaigns.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of 22 carefully recruited specialists in digital marketing, social media monetization, direct response advertising, and advertising technology.
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